Manage Multiple SSH Keys with Docker

## The Problem You've had that problem where you have a work Bitbucket / Github account and a personal bitbucket account and you can reuse your SSH key? So have I. Thanks to docker we can have multiple ssh keys

Quicker SSH sessions with Console and Gnome Do

Using SSH is quick to manage your webspace.  It is much faster that FTP depending on the task.  I learned today that in Linux you can store your SSH connection in a the file "~/.ssh/config" using the following format.

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Setup A Local Drupal Site Programatically

I've been keeping documentation on my development life cycle processes.  Just recently, I realized that I could do away with a lot of these little tasks with shell scripts.  Here's a look at one of my "to-do lists" for setting up a Drupal site on my local Apache server.

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Practical Usage of Symbolic Links

Symbolic links work kind of like shortcuts in Windows.  I have found a couple of very useful scenarios.  The first is my local development environment.  For Linux users, it is best practice to keep all your files in your user folder.  For me, this is mainly to keep my system directories clean and to make backup of my files easier.  This leads me to my first usage:

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How to Fix Poor Skype Audio Quality in Linux

For those of you that use Skype for business or personal use, I finally fixed

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