Performance At Scale

We think of performance at scale in terms of machines, but it's also true with human beings. As a team grows, culture can sour having negative impacts on performance. These are a set of values that I think help humans scale in a work environment. This will be my first and last pep talk.

Everyone Has Access

Performance is throttled by dependencies. People need autonomy and trust. It's important that people are given the keys to the systems they manage. If you don't have access to a system, you should be able to get it. This maximizes what can be done.

Everyone Is Capable

Competency is a given. People are hired because it is believed that they can provide a meaningful positive impact on the business. Let's empower one another so that we don't have experts. Everyone can be an expert. This maximizes who can do it.

We Are On The Same Team

Everyone has the same goal : The success of the business. WHEN we collide it is in pursuit of the same goal. Communication that is healthy gives every awareness of not only their team's goals, but the vision of their department, and the company. Every action that is taken should be understood in the context of this. This maximizes focus.

A Problem Is An Opportunity To Learn

To "pass-the-buck" on a problem that you encounter promotes a low bar of expertise, knowledge of our systems, and erodes performance. There are no problems that anyone should avoid or wait for someone else to fix. It doesn't mean everyone needs to be Chuck Norris. Grab someone else and pair on the issue. The important thing is that we own the issue and see it resolved. This maximizes productivity.

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