Links for New Ubuntu Users

I have a friend who recently informed me of their venture into the world of Linux.  I started to build up a good set of links and thought I would share.  Here you go.


The Ubuntu Guide - A Wiki for common setup and configuration tasks in Ubuntu.


Ubuntu Tweak - Simplifies some Ubuntu configuration tasks as well as application and driver installation.


Appnr - Find Linux Applications


Dual Boot Reference - For those who want to hang to Windows just in case.


Gnome Do - This is one of my favorite applications in Ubuntu.  Thanks to Gnome Do, I never have to swim through menus to launch an application.  Learn it.  It will save you time.


Here are some good Linux blogs.


Productive Linux - A blog about performance and efficiency in Ubuntu.


OMG! UBUNTU! - A blog that follows Ubuntu news very closely.


Full Circle Magazine - A Ubuntu magazine.


Mark Shuttleworth's Blog - Founder of Canonical Ltd. which backs Ubuntu.

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