Installing Cyanogenmod 7 on HTC Aria

This guide is based on HTC Aria, but there are links to help you with other phones.


Rooting your phone may nullify your waranty.  Also, realize that installing a Rom means you are going to wipe your data (Contacts, Calendar, Messages) etc.  If you have this stuff backed up to Google or wherever, then you'll be fine.  Also, realize you could kill your phone.



1. Root your phone - This is typically the scary part, but unrevoked makes it simple. 

  • Just plug your phone into your computer. 
  • Enable your phone as a data store (give your computer access to the sd card). 
  • Enable USB Debugging through your settings menu.  (Setings->Application->Development->USB Debugging).
  • Run unrevoked

2. Download Rom Manager through the Android Market - This will give you a nice app to manage flashing clockwork recovery, backups, and Rom installs.

  • Notes: I had to run the "flash clockwork recovery" before backups would work.

3. For extra precaution, you might want to copy your SD card contents to your computer.

4. Download Cyanogenmod 7 to your SD card.  If you phone is not Aria/Liberty go here.

5. Download Google Apps to your SD card. If your phone is not Aria/Liberty go here.

6. Open Rom Manager and install Cyanogenmod 7 - Make sure you select options the options to wipe your data and to backup your existing settings.

  • Notes: If the installation says that it failed to open the Cyanogenmod zip file then navigate to it manually by going to the install zip option in the clockwork recovery menu.  Find the zip and run it.  When its done select "Go Back" and then "Reboot".
  • Notes: If your phone boots into the Cyanogenmod loading screen (with the skateboarding Android) and loops forever then you forgot to while your data prior to the intstall.  The workaround is to pull out your battery and turn your phone on while holding other buttons on your phone which will launch you into Clockwork Recovery where you can manually wipe your data.  On HTC Aria I held down the optical button and the volume button while pressing power to do it.

7. Open Rom Manager and install the Google Apps zip - You do not need to backup or wipe on this install so make sure those are unchecked. 

  • Notes: If the installation says it failed to open the zip file use the same instructions to install manually as in step 6.

8.  There is no step 8!

One your phone is booted up you will go through the Google app setup and you will be rocking Android 2.3.1!




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