Essential Drupal Modules

In the my experience of Drupal I've found a set of contributed modules that I keep coming back to. The features that they provide are, for the most part, useful on any site. Those modules include the following.


  • Menu Trails - Maintains a breadcrumb based on your menu hierarchy
  • DHTML Menus - Quick navigation via js menu


  • Path Auto - Automated and manual URL aliasing
  • Global Redirect - If you use URL aliases, this module makes sure that you don't take SEO hits for duplicate content.
  • Page Title - Gives you more control over the Page Title


  • Views - Graphically build SQL queries and markup to retrieve your content and render it.
  • CCK - Allows you to create your own content types
  • Contemplate - Gives you total control over the template used to render the content types that you create using CCK.


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